Tuesday 2 February 2010

School day woes!!!

Generally I really like the school that Chick attends. Some things about it bother me....mainly the snootiness of other Parents but on the whole it's all good. One thing that really annoys me though is that the Teachers never tell you there is a problem until you ask.

Take for instance today. Year 2 parents were invitied to go to the school for lunch with the kids. It was cool to hang out with Chick and her friends and watch them interacting. Chick had a bit of a meltdown last night and mentioned that there was a task she found difficult yesterday at school so just in passing I asked her Teacher how things were going. Apparently they are not going so well. Chick has been struggling to readjust to life at school after being gone for the start of the term and is basically not doing any work. When the other kids give the work in they have completed the tasks set for them and Chick is handing in a piece of paper blank apart from the date!!!

My problem now is twofold. One is annoyance at the Teacher for not bringing it up until I asked and the other is how to deal with Chick. Do I go in all heavy handed and tell her that she'll be split up from her friends until she starts producing work? Do I take away her privileges like having a sleepover this weekend? I don't want to put her off learning for life as I want school to be a positive experience for her but I have to do something to stop ehr completely disengaging!!!!

I know that on the whole she isn't struggling with her work as whilst we were in Oz JoJo and I were doing Maths and English with her and she doesn't struggle at all and in certain instances knows more than us!!! I therefore put it down to the fact that she thinks school is just for being sociable and not about learning!! Any ideas on how to deal with things before tonight's showdown would be greatly appreciated???!!!


  1. It's mad that the teacher never mentioned anything until you asked! Maybe Chick's heart is still in Oz and not in Maths & English and who could blame her?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago and sorry it's taken so long to stop by yours x

  2. How did you get on with Liv and the showdown?
    I wish I could suggest what to do but I think other parents would be more suited to advising you on this.
    Just so you know, if it was me, I would sit down with Liv and ask her why she isn't doing any work? Is it because she's finding it hard to do or is someone distracting her or does she just not want to do it?
    If it's because she doesn't want to do it then I would go hard and point out that she doesn't have a choice in the matter. How else are you going to encourage her unless you start with a reward scheme for each piece of work completed?
    sorry, I couldn't help more.
    Love Auntie Nelly xxxx