Wednesday 3 February 2010


Thanks for your advice yesterday it was a great help. The route Chick's Dad and I decided to take in the end was to let her know how 'disappointed' we are in her. Generally I tend to explode when there is a problem and then calm down and think things through and wish that I would've said different things. As part of my self-development I'm trying to think first before I speak.

We asked Chick what the problem was at school and she really doesn't think there is one. After we told her that we were disappointed in her lack of work and had talked it through explaining what the Teacher had told me we then gave her somoe options. So if she knuckles down, stops her back chat to the Teacher and starts producing work then things can remain as they are. If she carries on with the lack of work then she will be split up from her friends and put in a different group until she sorts herself out.

Really we've left it at that. I don't want to be too heavy handed with her as we have only been back from Australia for 10 days and I'm still struggling to adjust at 33 let alone poor Chick at 7. We've also gone straight back into our usual crazy life of work, school, Brownies, Gymnastics and Daddy visits so it's not really any wonder that she is taking time to adapt. I'm not sure if we've done the right thing but I guess time will tell!!

Again today I had every intention of going to the gym and starting my training for Kilimanjaro but work is still stupidly busy. Today is kind of a fun day as I conducted the new staff induction this morning and this afternoon we have the work Awards Ceremony. It's basically a chance for us to have a lovely meal and drink lots of wine as well as appreciate some of the amazing employees that we have and on that note I'm off to drink some free vino!!!!


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