Monday 15 February 2010

Grumpy Old Woman...

.......that's me.  I can't decide if I'm being grumpy or if I'm just having a massive PMS attack but everything is driving me completely insane.  I don't even think it's me.....everyone who lives in my Town is just completely nuts. 

Take this weekend for instance.....a girl pushed in front of me at the bar.  Not the end of the world, I understand that however she blatantly pushed me out of the way and then proceeded to ignore me!!!??  WTF!!

Another incident on the same night.....some stupid 19 year old trod on my foot in ridiculously high heels whilst she was having her picture taken and didn't even turn around to see what had happened until I yelled in her ear that it really hurt.  I then ended up almost getting into a fight with her friend......seriously what is wrong with the youth of today.  There is just no need to be so arrogant and rude and I'm pretty sure that I wasn't like that as a Teenager.

Something else that really wound me up over the weekend and nearly ended up in a road rage incident.  I was driving in the car with Chick doing 33 miles an hour in a 30 zone, through a small country Village and the woman behind me was right up my backside.  Being the grumpy old woman that I am, I slowed down to 30mph and the stupid tart overtook me and swerved back in front of me completely endangering my daughter's life (ok a slight exaggeration.....but still!!!)  Again just unnecesscary behaviour that is driving me too distraction!!

I feel much better for having got all that off my chest!!  Is it me being insane or do all these people sound crazy???So what drives you to be a grumpy old woman (or man)???? 


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