Sunday 7 February 2010

We're so screwed!!!!!

I don't know if you know this about me or not but I'm a complete and utter News junkie. I have CNN and BBC News open on my PC at work all day just in case I miss anything but twice today the news has made me cry. Even though I'm a news freak I only read stuff that I think I can handle and try and steer away from anything that will keep me awake at night since I already have enough trouble sleeping!!! In todays paper there was a story of a man who killed his wife and 18 year old daughter because he couldn't handle the debt his business has got into. Normally stories like this I would skip but foolishly today I read it and the daughter was an extremely intelligent girl who wanted to become a Doctor. Nothing worse than any of the stories we all hear every day but it just seems like such a waste!

Then I accidently caught a news program about the earthquake in Haiti which was so horrendous I sat and cried the whole way through. Yes my t.v. remote does work but I couldn't tear myself away partly I think because I'm helpless to do anything apart from donate money and it seems almost heartless to just look the other way!!!

One news story that has had me hooked this week though is the weather in America. As a good ol' English girl I like nothing better than to talk about the weather but this has been keeping me awake at night!!!! A couple of fellow bloggers live in Washington or similar areas that have been worst affected and they are having to live on the food that they already have in the house as they are stranded. So yeah this is where I got todays blog title from.....if that happens to us? Chick and I are soooo screwed!!!!

Whilst we were in Australia my Brother stayed at my house and one night when he was drunk he took some food out of the freezer and didn't shut the door properly. The whole freezer therefore defrosted and when we got home I had to throw away our whole stash of backup freezer food which I haven't yet replaced. Ok so, the organised amongst you may think that's not so bad, we must have food in the fridge right? Do you want to see the contents of our fridge?????

OK so we have a bottle of vodka, a bottle of rum, a bacardi breezer, some lager, a bottle of wine, a tub of margarine, 3 yoghurts, a bottle of milk, a couple of home made cakes and one out of date ready meal!!!!!! On the plus side I'll be drunk enough not to notice the lack of food and I have plenty of body fat to keep me going for a couple of weeks but poor Chick is definitely screwed!!!!! Let's hope that we can plenty of warning for any major snow storms that head this way!

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