Thursday 25 March 2010

A Favour Please...

Feeling really rough today as I have yet another viral and ear infection so only a quick post but can I say a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on the post about my Dad.  It's lovely to know that so many of you love me and are there when I need you.  I think I cried at every comment as they were all so nice and I'm such a girl!!!!

So now my lovely readers I have a couple of favours to ask.  First of all I know I'm being very cheeky but if you could make friends with me on the Google connect button on the right I'd be altogether can never have enough friends right??? (I'm totally stealing this idea from the lovely and dedicated Marathon Mummy)  Just a couple of you would be fine so that I have a nice round 10 followers ;-)  Don't worry if you don't want to though, I won't be offended!!!!

My second favour is a bit more of an ask.  On the first weekend of July I'm attending a Blogging conference called CyberMummy.  They are asking attendees to nominate their favourite post and will pick 10 Bloggers to then read the post to the audience at the conference and as I'm always up for a challenge I thought I'd nominate one.  Now I don't expect you to trawl back through the archives but if you have a favourite post that sticks in your memory or that you really enjoyed (maybe even from my Wordpress days) then I shall nominate that one.

Now I must dash as Chick is a business person in the school play this afternoon and I want to bag a front row seat to try and get some decent pictures!


  1. I'll love you...always! How exciting...I do hope they pick you!

  2. Just to be an official follower... It took me almost an hour, but I did it! Now I need to decide on a favorite post - could be difficult!

  3. Great questions Emma- but i am confused- Doesn't take much! Is Mike Altschuler the writer or Director of Extract ( or both) . Then i was even more confused when you closed the interview by saying "Goodbye to john?" Must see the film whatever though.
    How did you get the contact?
    James ( my son) is a cinematographer in Los Angeles so could arrange for you to interview him sometime - he was camera operator on Brittany Murphy's last film 'Abandoned" before she died tragically recently.
    keep well x

  4. are so sweet, thank you!

    @Grandma rock and I love you xxx

    @Dianne Sorry was confusing myself!!! It's John not Mike and he is the Producer of poor old memory failing me!!!!! Could you please let me have you e-mail address and I'll answer the other questions?