Monday 29 March 2010

It was acceptable in the 80's.....

My lovely Sister in Law turned 30 back at the beginning of March but only just got around to having a partay as they were off on a very belated honeymoon in Australia!  The theme of the party was the 1980's.....cue more fab outfits than you can shake a pineapple and cheese stick at!!!!!  This is the Birthday Girl and Tom:

Me posing at the start of the night in all my backcombed glory:

This is me, Chris and Nick in the Mid-80's (my little brother Ben wasn't born until the 90's!!!!):

I know!  We were just the cutest things ;-)  This is us now rocking the 80's look:

I know!  We're still so cute right!!!???? It was the funniest night out I've had in ages and was an absolute blast!!!!  I tried to upload a video of us singing to Belinda Carlisle but it's your lucky day Readers because it wouldn't work!!!  I think I need to visit the 80's more often!

What's your favourite era?  Care to share any pics with the rest of us?  You can leave a link in the comment section  or Twitter me at emmylouvic if you have some glorious pics for us to giggle at???!!!!


  1. AWESOMEness! I love it! The legwarmers make the outfit if you ask me. But I want to know where your brother found white jeans. Those are classic.

  2. Thanks Heather!! I think my Bro is actually wearing a white Linen suit because he is that cool!!!!

  3. I see the high heels didnt last

    the organ Grinder

  4. @The Organ Grinder

    Darling, you know that they never do and aren't you impressed that I was sensible enough to take 80's flat with me too???? xx

  5. My fav era was the early 90's-gotta love the cheese and the leggings!
    Love Auntie Nelly xxxx

  6. @Auntie Nelly The only reason that's your favourite era is becuase that's when I forced you to become my best friend ;-) Love you x

  7. You looked fabulous my dear!! :D
    Was going to mention the change of shoes but I see someone has already commented on that! Hehe.. :)

  8. Oh my goodness.....was I involved in the Belinda Carlisle moment?!?!? I'm feeling slightly worried that I was! xxx

  9. @boobuloo Yes my Sweet you were most definitely involved along with Miss. Moss!!!! Will upload onto FB tonight but you may want to have the sound on low ;-)