Tuesday 16 March 2010

Honey, Don't bother Mummy, I'm too busy on my Soapbox!!!!

Every day when reading around various blogs I'm struck by how lucky I am and how I really need to stop bloody moaning about inconsequential things!!

For instance I take for granted mine and Chick's health. I moan about the house but at least we have a roof over our heads. I moan about paying the bills but I should be grateful that I can just afford to pay them.  I sometimes complain about work but I'm sure millions would give their left leg to be in a paid job.  I moan about Chick's Dad but at least he's semi involved which is more than can be said for a lot of men.

I'm sure that I've also moaned before about how women can't really win.  If we stay at home we are supposedly sponging off our 'husbands'.  If we go out to work then we are terrible Mothers. See....we just can't win and this is why articles about Mummy Bloggers such as the one in the Sunday issue of New York Times really bother me! (I linked to it yesterday!!)

So what if we blog about Mummy stuff?  We are Mums and I sure as hell wish I would've had this online network of people when Chick was a baby to discuss milestones or problems with, without worrying about sounding like an idiot!

So what if some of us can make it into a business?  Surely the fact that we get the best of both worlds in staying at home with the kids and making a living ought to be applauded and we should be singing their praises as Super Mummies?

So what if we get offered free stuff.  Again when I was at home with Chick as a baby a few free packs of nappies or a highchair would've made a massive difference to me and even now if people want to send me free stuff why should I say no as long as I'm not selling my soul to write about it?

So what if some get offered free trips to Disney or the Olympics or the Oscars. In this day and age a lot of us can't afford a break so if Disney offered me a free trip in return for blogging about it and sharing pictures I'd be all 'Hell Yeah'!!!! I'd also like to meet the person who would turn down a free trip to the Olympics or Oscars!!

Anyways now I'm going to step off my soapbox and spend some time listening to my daughter read before bed even though that's so 2008!!!!!  Then I will go and spread some comment love around and spend the rest of the night reminding myself just how lucky I am :-)


  1. You go girl! Happy St. Patrick's Day

  2. Well said!

    Damn right I'd take a free trip to Disney. Unfortunately the most exciting freebie I've been offered so far is a Peppa Pig DVD, but I live in hope. xx

  3. I think your special.

    The organ grinder.xx

  4. I wonder if that New York Times write knew what kind of wrath she was going to incur?