Monday 15 March 2010

A Picture Post!

I could write a post today about how the New York Times reckon us Mummy Bloggers can be talked to in a derogatory manner however I'm too busy building my brand and neglecting my child to be bothered to retaliate!!!!!

As you know my weekend plan was to stay offline which I kinda managed.  I did check my Blog a couple of times and have a peek at Twitter but other than that I was quite good.  So on Saturday we had a movie day and made it to the brilliance that is 'Alice in Wonderland'....this is us looking like complete goofballs in our 3D glasses:

Then in the evening we watched New Moon (again) and I came to the conclusion that it is wrong to even think about lusting after men that are almost young enough to be my matter how buff and beautiful!!!!

Also it was Mothers Day in England on Sunday and I woke up to this lovely booty courtesy of Chick (with a little help from Sarah!):

How well do they know me???  We even managed to fit in a quick trip to the local museum:

Chick looks a bit demonic in the picture but I can assure you that she's not (generally!!!).  Fab weekend all in all and now I'm off to 'hide vegetables in my child's food' and 'drink mimosas from a plastic cup'!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm impressed Emma - thought I'd have more than one post to catch up on! Glad you enjoyed your weekend x