Thursday 18 March 2010

Truth or Lies?

Some things about growing up just aren't fun and dealing with other kids is one of them.  Chick is almost 7 and a half and still believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy so imagine my dismay when she came home this week and told me that a boy in her class told her that Santa isn't real!!!!

Not only did he utter these devastating words but he followed them up with 'your Mum and Dad put the presents under the tree, stupid'!!!  She has also today had a similar conversation, probably with the same boy, about the Easter Bunny.  Now don't get me wrong I don't blame the child but once Chick knows I'll be imploring her not to tell any of the other kids.....would hate to be responsible for another child finding out!!!

I'd like to deal with this in such a manner that she isn't traumatised for life in discovering that these things actually don't exist, so what are my options?:

a)  Keep avoiding the subject and just make ummm and aaahhh noises when she brings it up and let realisation dawn that it probably is me.

b) Tell her the truth and add double to the Therapy fund this month!

C)  Lie.  This is my least favourite option as I try to be as truthful and open as possible with Chick....on a 7 year old level anyway!!

So what would you suggest?  Have any of you dealt with this situation and got amazing advice to offer me?

Any help would be gratefully received!!!!


  1. My little one got ruined at school when she was 7 too.
    She asked the same thing---So and So said Santa isn't real...are they right?

    We went on a date, her and I. We talked about being big, and I told her the truth. Then, we bought a present for someone else pretending to be the Easter Bunny, so she got the idea of how fun it is to "be" that person.

    Parenting...such a joy, right?

  2. what!!!!!! santa isnt real! :-P i was 9 when i was told.......i would say option A for now just change the sure shes got so much buzzing around her head she will soon forget

  3. When mine heard rumours that Santa wasn't real, I told them they can believe whatever they want, but he only brings presents to children that believe in him. Meg was 12!!! when we finally had to tell her the truth and she was truly amazed that santa/TF and EB didn't exist - she said she was sad to know the truth but relieved we'd told her bearing in mind she'd just started senior school! Harry starts in the seniors in Sept so we'll tell him during the summer

  4. Id have to agree I umm,arghed, smiled and gave a wink. A bit like Harry Potter the one that must not be named!! this is a conversation we have never had and my two 9 and 13 obviously know all these fictious beings are me but have realised that if they wish to continue getting eggs, presents, money from tooth fairies. That to say nothing is better then forfeiting the gifts ;) funny they still climb into bed on Christmas day to show me all the presents I sat wrapping till 2 in the morning lol