Monday 8 March 2010

I'm thinking

I'm having many random thoughts today which are shooting off in all directions and I can't turn them into a coherent post so I'll share with you some of meanderings:

* What do I want from this blog? This has been one of my top thoughts.  Some days I want to be an Uber Blogger with 500 followers all leaving me lovely comments.  Then I think what a pressure that would be and how I'd have to address the fact that I've got no grammatical skills and so kind of go off the idea.  Also where would I find the time to communicate with everyone???

* Time is becoming a problem.....there just isn't enough of it!  For instance I'm trying to keep up with Project 365 but due to time constraints keep missing the pictures I want.  I always thought that if I won the lottery the nicest thing would be being able to wear a different pair of Louboutins or Manolos every day however, I'm beginning to think that true luxury would be not having to rush around everywhere, as well of course as being able to pay someone to do the housework!!!!

* Mum's birthday was a lot of fun at the weekend.  She was wearing a purple Herve Leger bandage dress and looked hawt and absolutely amazing which makes me wonder what the bloody hell I'm doing with my life!!!  It's a sad state of affairs when your Mother looks better than you do on a Saturday night!!!!!  Made me pull my finger out and do some exercise today though...thanks Mum xxx

* Talking of which...the meal we went for was rather bizarre.  We went to a place called 'The Dining Room' and I'd pre-ordered a nice slab of prime steak.  My Mum's Partner got his first and I stupidly naively said 'Gosh, that doesn't look very well done' and he's all 'No Emma, it's have to cook it yourself'!!!  WTF? Yeah, so basically it's comes out on a hot stone and you chop off hunks of beef and cook it yourself on the hot stone.....bizarre is the only word I can use although everyone else loved it!!!

* Maybe I'll write a book called 'Confessions of a HR Department' because you wouldn't believe the weirdness I encounter on a day to day basis.  Anything from maternity cases to bereavement to employees being stalked to candidates talking to my breasts instead of my face!!!!  I don't need to watch Jerry Springer because his potential guests wander through my office every day!!!!

*  Still haven't heard anything from Hertz.  Am thinking I may start writing to them every single hour until I get a response.  Would this be considered stalking????  Maybe I could put it down to being unhinged due to the stress of trying to recover my own sodding money!

*  I've also been wondering why I'm so rubbish with Technology!!  I use Twitter but I don't really get it and it makes me feel like some weird stalker...can you still blog and not be a Twitterer?  I need to upgrade my phone too and have been debating Blackberry versus iPhone and then I remember how long it takes me to pick stuff up and how all I really want to do is make calls, text and surf the net and I put it off for another week.......I think I must be getting old ;-)

Well after writing all that I'm still directionless and have no answers so I'm off for a hot bath and an early night!!!!!


  1. Grandma Sharon9 March 2010 at 16:44

    You sound pretty normal to me! Good luck figuring it all out.