Friday 5 March 2010

Reviews & Giveaways!!!

I occasionally get e-mails that go something like this:

Dear Blogger

Please review our air freshener/washing powder/dog food on your blog and tell your Readers what a fabulous product we have.

Your Sincerely
A Big Company

Generally I just delete them because a) I have an actual name which isn't exactly difficult to find on my blog and you are obviously just being lazy b) I'm not really a dog food kind of girl and c) just no, I'm sure my readers couldn't give a Monkey's nuts about which air freshener I may have gotten for free!!!!!

On Wednesday I received another one of these e-mails but this time the sender had put my first name and included my blog name in the text and was wondering if I would like to review a DVD that is coming out soon. The film contains a couple of people I've heard of so I shallowly e-mailed back something along the lines of:

Dear Person

Thank you for inviting me to review this DVD but this isn't something I'd normally subject my readers too.  However, I may be able to arouse their interest if you can get me an interview with Ben Affleck.


I'd like to apologise for my shallowness but hello.....Ben Affleck who I should probably mention I have a history with.....he waved at me, Nicole & Carol at some traffic lights in L.A. about 10 years ago!!!  So I giggled a bit at the thought of having Afternoon Tea with Ben at the Ritz and then carried on with my Payroll Input!! (Yep, Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle me!!!)

Anways later that day I received a response back saying unfortunately Ben was unavailable (boooo.....hisss!!) but she could possibly set something up with Actor Jason Bateman or John Altschuler so would I be interested.  I did a little research (Oh, Google how I love thee) and then giggled a bit more and couldn't decide if to say yes or not so I called my little Brother and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Kid, I'm sorry to wake you up at lunchtime but have you ever heard of  Jason Bateman or John Altschuler?

Kid: I know who Jason is why?

Me:  Well I've had this e-mail (and I explain the above) and I'm not sure whether to do it or not?

Kid:  So you are asking me to tell you if you should go ahead and interview a Hollywood Star or the man behind the second most popular cartoon series ever?

Me:  I guess?  But what do I know about interviewing?

Kid:  Erm......Emma what do you do for a living?

Me: ?????? ahem (small voice)  I interview people!!??!

Kid:  So what do you think the answer to your question is?

Me:  ?????? ahem (small voice)  I think that maybe I'll e-mail back and see if the nice Lady can set something up!!!

Kid:  Awesome now I'm going back to sleep!!!!

So I e-mailed back the nice Lady who is going to send me two copies (one for me and one to give away if it's any good!!!) of said DVD and also see what she can set up and with whom.  I may be a teeny bit excited at the prospect and I may already have huge lists of questions that I want to ask them both.  Apparently it will be a telephone or Skype interview which isn't as exciting as a face-to-face interview but still.....aaarrrggghhh.

Ever the pessimist though I still am not sure that I'm doing the right thing!! What if they are setting me up and I'm being pranked or something? Then I talk myself down and say gosh what a waste of their time if it's just a prank!!!!  Also I'm not sure if any of you would be interested in reading my thoughts and opinions on DVD's or washing powder or dog food so I guess it's over to you guys!  What do you think?  Would you be interested? Am I losing the plot completely?????


  1. I would love to read your comments and opinions about products we all use Emma.

  2. Yes, your opinions are very entertaining to read. Plus, why would you pass up the opportunity to interview someone from Hollywood, even if it's not Ben Affleck?

    I had forgotten about our brush with stardom. Thanks for reminding me. =)

  3. I've never heard of them either! I only ever say yes to reviews and things if it something that will benefit me and my readers. Mainly Mummy stuff that I couldn't really afford.. But reviewing isn't the main point of my blog so I do often say no to things. :)

  4. oh my god!!!!!!!!! My famous celebrity interviewer sister!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you aren't being punked love! In the meantime I'm going to run around Wynnum telling everyone my sister might be interviewing a celeb!!!!!
    Love Auntie Nelly