Thursday 17 December 2009


So, you know how I like to be busy right? Yeah, well this is kinda what the next couple of weeks look like and it just makes me want to take a nap:

Today – 3rd Christmas dinner....mmmmmm Turkey & stuffing, Christmas pud and copious amounts of wine at lunchtime.......can’t really complain!!!!

Tomorrow – Work and Christmas night out (again)(must find babysitter!!)

Saturday and Sunday – Mum’s for Family Christmas. 2.5 hour drive, lots of lovely presents, try not to get drunk and fall over or dance on tables topless......don't really want to give my Grandma a heart attack!!!!

Monday – Drag ass out of bed for work and then Panto with Chick, Lesley & Nats (yee ha can’t wait....I lurve Panto ever since the baddy a couple of years ago.....can anyone say HOT?????)

Tuesday – Work again and then a present-less Christmas visit with Chick’s Dad (yep......REALLY looking forward to this one......NOT!!!!)

Wednesday – Prise eyelids open for work and then drive an hour to Miley Cyrus (Wooooo.......or not!!!), arrive home around midnight, deal with over excited, overtired child, wonder why the bloody hell I bother, then try and speak to everyone we aren’t gonna see for the next 5 weeks and wish them Merry Christmas, finish packing....remembering bridesmaid dresses and Spanx (can’t do Oz without these!!),try to keep eyes open, wrap Chick’s presents from Santa, try and sleep for an hour!!!!

Thursday – Santa is coming early so wake up after 3 hours sleep. Unwrap presents with Chick, visit everyone we’ve missed so far and deliver presents, finish packing, take down tree and decorations, field phone calls from all we haven’t visited so far, re-check passport, money, bags for Oz, try not to let OCD take over. Arrive at Train Station at 2pm, Sit on train and take Valium, trek through London on Underground with 2 huge bags, 1 small bag and and a 7 year old, arrive Heathrow, take more Valium, find hotel, mix mini-bar with valium, relax and watch crap T.V.

Friday – Santa is bringing stocking today so wake up after 3 hours sleep, finish Valium & mini-bar, open last of presents, trek from crap cheap hotel to airport, buy champagne to celebrate the fact we are getting the hell out of England in December and January and because we are now on holiday after all, pretend we are rich enough to shop in Harrods at airport and buy prezzies for the lovely Angels who are putting us up in Oz, find gate, drug daughter so she doesn’t bug me for 36 hours.......oh, I joke people, I joke....honestly!!! Sit on flight for 36 hours apart from a 5 hour break in Hong Kong. Try not to lose plot completely.

Saturday/Sunday - Arrive Brisbane, taxi to hotel, sleep and then sleep some more, pick up hire car, drive 4 hours to Jolene and Mike, lots of hugs, drop off daughter for quality time with her Auntie JoJo and Uncle Mike, go to beach and sit in the glorious sunshine ALL ALONE for a couple of hours (at least!!) with only a book (and maybe a hunky Lifeguard) for Company!

Monday 28th December until 21st January – RELAX!!!!!!!!


  1. so your comming to mine & carols thing on friday then?

  2. Oh my god-I'd better have the champagne ready when you arrive,you're gonna need it!!
    Love Auntie Jo-Jo

  3. You are going to be one busy lady. I had a very unproductive week which therefore has led me to a very hectic weekend. EEK!. Can your Auntie have the bubbly ready for me too? Ah ha ha