Wednesday 30 December 2009

Woodgate Beach - Burrum Head National Park

Yesterday was all kinds of awesome as the sun came out properly for the first time since our arrival. We started off the day at the local Water Park called Wetside. I say Park but really it's more of a huge paddling pool with lots of fountains and falling water...a great aid for cooling off when it's 30 degrees (sorry to make you all sick when it's snowing in England!!!) The downside of course of it being so hot is that my lilly white skin burns to a crisp. I had Factor 50 on all day but by the time we got home I was so red and burnt that I looked like a big piece of raw beef!!!! My feet today have been so sore that I could barely wear Flip Flops although they seem to be calming down a little now!!! Chick really enjoyed being at the park and for the most part she managed to avoid being burned....must get it from her wonderful Father!!!

In the afternoon once we'd had a nap our host Peter asked if we fancied going on a trip to try and see some Kanagaroos, so of course we jumped at the chance. We went to a great place called Woodgate Beach up towards Bundaberg about 150km North of where we are staying. The beach there is unbelieveably lovely...great sand and just the right amount of surf which amazingly was almost deserted. So I sat in the shade (stupid lilly white English skin!!!) whilst everyone else swam and rode the waves and played Cricket. About 4.30pm Peter said it was optimum time for Kangaroo spotting so off we went to the National Park. As we were driving there we saw our first Kanga just sitting in somebody's garden munching on the grass!!!! We pulled over and took a couple of pictures and carried on until we came to a spot where there were just too many Kanga's to count.

They are so tame that we managed to get right up close to them. So close in fact that Chick and Peter were almost touching them (I'm obviously too much of a girl to get that close!!) I got some amazing pictures although they were much smaller than I imagined them to be. As we were leaving the park a different Kangaroo jumped out in front of us and Peter saw that it had a Joey in her pouch. We pulled over the car and managed to get close enough again to get one of the best pictures ever of the Joey with it's head out of the pouch and them both looking at my camera!! It was such an amazing experience and we are so lucky!!!

I'd love to be able to share these pictures with you but unfortunately I have a couple of problems. First is that my shiny new laptop that I wrote about a few posts ago is bloody rubbish!!!! There is something wrong with the security settings on it and I need a professional to take a look at it. Second is that when I was trying to be Technical (read - forcing the damn thing to work) I snapped my camera memory card!!!! On my normal laptop at home I insert the memory card and the pictures just pop up and I presumed this one would work the same way so I didn't bring any of the camera leads with me!!!! I'll try and figure something out as we go along but for now words alone will have to do!!!


  1. Michelle Armstrong30 December 2009 at 22:33

    Souns like you're having far too much fun hun, you'll be very pleased to know it's wet and miserable here, bet you're missing the UK loads, not!!!!! Take care xxxxxx

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying this long awaited holiday. Hope you get the technical problems worked out soon. Will stay tuned for further updates! Love Ya