Tuesday 15 December 2009

Christmas Carols

One of the hard things about being a parent that works full time is that occasionally I have to make a choice between work and Chick. Take yesterday for instance. It was Chick's christmas carol concert at the local church and I had offered my services for the walking bus so that they had enough Parents to help with the kids. My plan was to walk with them and then sit and enjoy the concert before returning them to class and going back to work. I then had a huge problem with the payroll and if I didn't go into work then 900 people wouldn't have been paid in time for Christmas.

Really awful decision to have to make but unfortunately on this occasion work had to win. I made it to the church just in time to see Chick's class to sing 'When Santa got stuck up the Chimney' which was all kinds of cute!! Also as she is part of the school Choir she got to sing another song (excuse my shaky camera work!!!) :

It's an Italian Christmas song and I'm not sure if you can tell by the sound quality just how beautiful it was!!!!! I'd kinda forgotten that she is even in the Choir as she can never remember anything that she's done at school by the time I pick her up so doesn't really tell me what goes on at school!! I looked like the worst Mother in the world as all the other Mum's were singing along and I was standing there with a look of complete shock on my face at how awesome they were!!!! I just hope that chick remembers that I was there when she's a World Class Opera singer and not the fact that I arrived late and left early!!!!!

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  1. Wow!! Thank you so much for putting that on there, they were amazing weren't they?
    Atleast you got to hear them sing.
    Love Auntie Jo-Jo