Monday 14 December 2009

Dear Santa

I have been an especially good girl this year so I’m sending you my Christmas list. Please could I have the following:

- A big lottery win. Preferably around £10,000,000 but I’d settle for £7 Million!!!!!

- If you are unable to manage the above could you please give my Bank Manager a heart and persuade him to lend me some money!!!!

- I would really like to swim with Sharks whilst in Oz so could you please magic me a babysitter for the day so that my daughter doesn’t have to watch!!! I’m not sure that watching your Mum face-to-face with Sharks would be fun at 7.

- It would also be very helpful if you could arrange for Chick’s After School Club to not close down as I don’t have enough time to sort anything else out!!!

- I’d also be a more than happy girl if you could leave me a pair of Christian Louboutins under my tree. Any shiny or sparkly size eights would do. Could live with Manolos or Choos if you can’t get the Louboutins in time!!!!

I know when Chick saw you yesterday she reminded you of the need to come early before we go on holiday and said she wasn’t sure what she wanted as she knows all the Miley tickets have sold out. She has now written a Christmas list (as you suggested) which I’ve taken a photo of and put below as I don’t think you’ll receive in time if I send by snail mail....Apologies for being so unorganised:

Thanking you in anticipation


  1. Hey love, What is Red OS??
    Love Auntie Jo-Jo

  2. Chick means a Red DS....just her writing isn't very clear. She's not having one though 'cos we are too poor and I've already told her that Santa is all out....she's convinced he'll get one from Argos though!!!!!!!

  3. Put me down for some lottery winnings too Santa. Pretty please!