Monday 7 December 2009


I know that my last post was lame and unfortunately this post is heading the same way. I spent a lot of the weekend being extremely sick with a dodgy stomach bug that I've picked up from somewhere and no it isn't alcohol related!!!!! I still feel kind of off today and have had a terrible day at work. I can't even blog about work because I'm so furious that anything I write today before I calm down will probably see me getting the sack.

I was going to write a post about the wedding that we went to at the weekend and show you some pictures of The Punk looking like a Princess but then Chick came home from Brownies and was violently sick so the nice stuff will have to wait until tomorrow!!! Aren't you glad that you came by today to listen to me whine again???? I promise tomorrow there will be a shiny, upbeat post to read but until then I'm gonna go do the Mummy thing!!!!!

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  1. Hope you feel better real soon. I'm concerned about your health Kiddo!!! Take care, Love Mom