Tuesday 22 December 2009


As most of you know on Christmas Day, Chick and I will be heading to Australia. As a Christmas present to myself I have purchased a shiny new blue, easy carry, 10" mini laptop with a 9 hour battery, mainly for blogging whilst I'm away:

I'm not sure how often I'll get to update my blog but it'll be my primary tool for keeping in touch with people whilst we're away and I'll try as often as possible, although it will depend on internet connections.

Regular readers may also notice over the next few days that I am amending or even deleting the odd post!!! Since I started writing this blog I have let very few people in my real life know about it, mainly just my friends and family that live abroad and a couple of my best friends. As I'm now going to be gone for a month everybody wants to have the link to my blog so that they can follow our travels and I thought I'd better remove some evidence from previous postings so as not to upset anyone!!

The plan at the moment is to fly from London to Brisbane on 25th December (if all the snow has melted and planes are taking off again then!!!) From Brisbane we will drive North to Fraser Island to meet JoJo and to chill out on the beach for a couple of days. We are then going on a huge road trip with an itinerary that will probably go something like this:

Brisbane - Gold Coast

Stay for a couple of days to go to SeaWorld and swim with Dolphins

Surfers Paradise

Drive down Coast randomly stopping wherever we fancy and enjoying the sunshine!!

Meet JoJo's Dad & Partner for some wine tasting in Hunter Valley


Sydney - Opera house, harbour bridge, surfers....I'm all over it ;-)


Hang out with Sam & Jo

Hen Party

Melbourne - Hervey Bay.......1081 mile drive just me and a 7 year old!!!!!

My Best Friends Wedding.....Awwwww

Soak up as much sun as possible before returning back to cold, grey England!!

Return home.....Boooooo!!!!

It's only today that I'm finally beginning to get excited about going. Up until this point I've been stressing about things in my usual whiny way!!! Stressing about how we'll pay for it, about the dresses for the wedding, about where we'll stay. Also when I'm this stressed and planning to travel my OCD kicks in big style which doesn't help!!! Anyhow today I finally finished all my Christmas stuff, got mainly done at work, have some funds to pay for fun stuff like for Chick to swim with Dolphins and also got to relax a while with JoJo's Dad. So now I'm all set the countdown can begin.

Happy Holidays and Good Wishes to you all xxx


  1. Stopping over from SITS. Have fun in Austrailia. My husband has been there several times when he was in the military. You new computer will be perfect for travel blogging, :)

  2. OMG beautiful! I'm jealous! and have fun on your trip! I want to go to Australia some day if I'm lucky!

    Found ya though sits!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday, Emma! Merry Christmas!

  4. Found you via the Secret Santa experiment (I'm #10 on the MckLinky list). Merry/Happy Christmas to you and yours!

    =] Julie Southern (aka southernbookworm or @mommy2calyssa)

  5. Your new computer looks fab! Have an awesome trip and a wonderful holiday! Thanks so much for stopping by Theta Mom!

  6. so im honered to have the link to your blog then emma ;-)

  7. Since I'm a month behind in reading, I can only wonder what got deleted before I had a chance to read it. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for getting so far behind! Love you both & hope you have a great time. Sorry I didn't make my Merry Christmas call before you got away.