Sunday 13 December 2009


You know sometimes when you have to deal with people or see people on T.V and what you really want to say to them is 'Seriously? WTF?' so I'm going to get them all off of my chest in one go:

Tiger Woods - 'Seriously? WTF?'

Simon Cowell - 'Seriously? WTF?' If you are going to fix the results at least make it look like a competition you do actually have enough millions to be able cover it up!!!!

Chick's Dad - 'Seriously? WTF?' If you can't afford to buy your children Christmas presents then that's fine but don't buy for one and not the other you stupid, stupid man!!

The Bank Manager - 'Seriously? WTF?' I understand that you have a job to do but it would be nice if you weren't such an arse about not lending me any money. Please remember that I do indirectly pay your wages!!!!

My Body - 'Seriously? WTF?' A sickness bug and voice loss all within three are actually having a laugh and I'm fed up of being ill now!!!!

OK I'm all done...I feel much better for getting all that out!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree about the bank, I can't tell you how often I feel like this with so many things.