Tuesday 1 December 2009

Ok I give in......

......we are doing Christmas after all. You know I used to love Christmas right up to the point where I got old enough that it all became about the money. With us going to Australia this year I decided that apart from a few presents for Chick we wouldn’t do Christmas at all. Like no tree, no decorations, no cards and definitely NO Christmas tunes. Again I used to love Christmas songs but my problem with them is that we hear the same 20 songs every goddamn year....why can’t we have some new ones???

But I appear to have had a change of heart. I’m not sure if it’s because we went to see Dora The Explorer turn on the Christmas lights on Sunday or if it’s the fact that actually it’s now December so it’s ok to feel Christmassy? Maybe it’s because I finally got my hand on tickets for Chick to see:

Yep that’s right....another thing that I gave in on. It may have taken me 3 months of surfing the internet every single day to look for them but I have them. I hope that Chick will be VERY excited as I almost had to re-mortgage the house to pay for them!!!

So with all that said and after being tortured by my colleagues with Christmas songs I figured that I may as well stop being all Bah Humbug and at least try to make some effort for Chick’s sake if not mine. We started by putting our new (very complicated) Tree up and then Daddy came for Chick’s usual visit and she must have told him about my aversion to the songs because I went to hunt out the lights and when I came back down the stairs Slade was blaring from the stereo and they were both dancing around the Lounge like idiots. I’m happy that after everything they get on so well and are as Goofy as each other!!! We've also been playing a Christmas CD that Red bought when Chick was little that sings a special Christmas song with Chick's name in it....we had lots of fun singing along!

So we finished decorating the tree reminiscing over the decorations that we’ve bought, been given or have been handmade and I’m really pleased with how beautiful it looks:

Happy Holidays!!!!


  1. Oh, you make me wanna cry-I miss a good english xmas so much!
    So pleased that Liv gets on well with her Dad.
    Can't believe you gave in and got her those tickets!! Bloody hell-but it'll be fun singing along!
    Love Auntie Jo-Jo xxxx

  2. Hannah Montana! You're gonna be the coolest mom ever!