Monday 21 December 2009

It's behind you!!!

Now as you all know I don't have much Christmas spirit this year.....bah humbug and all that, but one of the best things about this holiday season is the Panto. Tonight we've been to see Beauty and the Beast with Lesley & Nat at the local Town Hall. This is them all dressed for winter as it's about -2 and not really fit for being out in:

Obviously Chick needs a flashing rose and a Tiara to be a Princess as well as a big thumb to give her enough courage to boo loudly at the bad guys (who fyi in Panto are generally hot!!!!):

These guys were the stars of the show although it took Chick about 10 minutes to stop giggling 'cos one of them was called Willy:

What a fab night full of laughter, cheering, jeering, booing and lovely company. Chick wants to go back tomorrow and I'm not sure you could get a higher accolade than that!!!


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