Thursday 1 April 2010

The (almost) end of the Great Kitchen Saga!!!

Oh! The great kitchen saga and where to start?  For those of you who want the full (and somewhat) amusing story of the kitchen you can go here and here!  For those of you who don't have time to read my blog all day, the short version is that some Americans came to visit me last August and they destroyed my kitchen which still isn't properly fixed!!!!

So now that we are all caught up....a couple of weeks ago I had a visit from some lovely men who came to take a look at my kitchen and decide if it should be condemned or not! On the phone they are all it'll only take 10 minutes for us to have a quick look and then you can get back to work!  Now, you'd think from my previous experiences that I would be too wise to fall for this line but alas no, I am a complete dumbass and fell hook, line and sinker!

Along they come with their clipboards and within 10 seconds of looking at my not so gorgeous kitchen they say Gosh! Miss. Brooks we think you need this replacing....he was obviously a Rocket Scientist in a previous life!!! Ok I say that sounds good.  Right says he, we just need to look at your boiler whilst we are here too and assess that.  Oh no! I think we need to get rid of that too and give you a new one.  Only problem with that is that we'll have to give you new radiators! radiators, not sure that I need those I say.  Well mutters Tweedle Dee they go with the boiler and once we put in a new boiler you'll need more efficent radiators. Doesn't involve much we just take up the carpets and the floor boards, strip it all out, put the new stuff in and replace it all!

As you can imagine by this time my head is spinning and I'm thinking 'I'm sorry mate but your other Guys couldn't put up a bleeding cupboard, what makes you think they can rip up and put the floor boards back'??? I've also been gone from work for 40 minutes by now, not the 20 I promised!  So I sit rocking backwards and forwards in the living room thinking about how we are going to live in the house when they are ripping it apart and what the holy hell I'm going to do with the 7 years of crap that has gradually accumulated whilst they are muttering and measuring in the kitchen.

Then just as I think it's all over and I can properly start freaking out, Tweedle Dee goes ok, one last thing I just need to look at your electrics and I'm all Holy Fuck, I know where this conversation is going 'cos although not an expert I know my electrics are at least 30 years old, if not more! Sure enough he took one look at my electrical box and says no, no, no Miss that will all have to go too but we'll get an Electrician to come take a look.

The Electrician has been today and what do we think he said my Lovely readers?  Yes of course, the whole damn house needs re-wiring!!!!!  The moral of the story is to never have Americans* over to stay!!!!!

* I am obviously only joking...I love you guys xxx

p.s. we are away over the weekend so I'm not sure if I'll have chance to post....forgive me if you see re-runs of previous posts!  Hope y'all have a Good Easter xx


  1. Oh gosh!

    I won't be visiting! ;)

    Will your insurance assist with the financial end of things? Do you have to have insurance on your house over yonder across the pond? I have no idea!

    Happy Easter...and remodeling?! ;)

  2. @Heather You and the Family will always have a Welcome....American or not ;-)

    The money thing is already taken care of thankfully xxx

  3. My kitchen too should be condemned but for different reasons!! Hehe.. ;)
    Sounds like a nightmare! I remember when the council did up the house I grew up in because it was one of those old war type buildings - annorex?? It was like I was living on a building site constantly for a year!!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend away!! xx

  4. @Emma God I hope it doesn't take a year....that would be miserable!!!!

  5. Grandma Sharon2 April 2010 at 18:35

    Just look at the bright side - you'll have a whole new house by the time they are done! Can't believe you've been there 7 years already! As for my visit - Oh well, I probably won't ever save up enough money anyway, so I'll just have to keep dreaming about it.

  6. @Grandma Sharon.....When I make my millions from my blog, I'll pay for you to come over xxx

  7. How is it that a (seemingly) simple fix becomes a demolition & rebuild? ;) Holy cow! Where's Ty Pennington when you need him. He can get that shit done in 7 days! LOL

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend away sweetie! Happy Easter!