Thursday 22 April 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!?!

As I said yesterday, some nights I really struggle with what to write.  Other nights I have so many thoughts I don't know which thread I can go with in a most logical manner.  Tonight is one of those nights so I think maybe I'll just type and see what happens!!!!! (It turns out mainly politics!)

Tonight Chick's Dad came and said that he won't be coming for the next couple of week's as the new baby is due.  It's only taken me 7 months to come to terms with the idea but finally I'm genuinely happy for them.  We also told Chick that she is going to have a new Brother or Sister.  I thought that she'd be thrilled but it turns out she still wants me to have another baby.  Unfortunately I had to explain that it's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN ;-) Bless her.  Actually her first words were 'does that mean I have to have a Step Mum now'!  Poor thing.....we had a long conversation about everything and she seems happy that I'm not forcing her to take on a new step Mum and nor is her Dad!

I've chosen the best time to lose some hours at work.  Today I finished early and the Spring sun was shining.  We got to go to the park and Chick had time to play with her friends as well as eat ice-cream.  Hopefully these are the days she will remember from her childhood....not just being stuck at After School Club!!!

I'm an oddity in the UK and probably the rest of the World in the fact that I only have 5 channels on the TV.  Most nights this doesn't bother me but tonight is the second leg of the Leaders Debate which is on Sky and according to my Twitter stream I'm about the only person not watching it. So that brings me to the next big topic....which way to vote?   I don't know why we have so much secrecy in England surrounding who we vote for, surely it should be open for discussion?

Anyway after watching last week's Leaders Debate I was left wondering how stupid do they think we are? They all wore ties in the colour of their party.  Do they think this is the only way we can identify them? The Sunday Times blames the Americans as apparently this is they way they do things!!! Is this true? How do things work where you live?  If you live in England will you be voting?

That's the other thing!  Why is there such apathy amongst voters between the ages of 20 - 35? Do they not care or do they think that all the parties are as ridiculous as each other? My first memory of knowing anything about voting comes ridiculously enough from Mary Poppins and the Mum who is campaigning for Women's votes!  I don't ever remember learning anything about politics at school (although that may just be my crap memory!!).  I didn't ever learn what a Hung Parliament was (guessing nothing to do with the trouser department ;-) I didn't learn what left wing means etc.  Once you get to voting age though how can you ask these questions without sounding like a complete idiot?

Luckily enough I'm a fairly avid reader and managed to read up on these things myself but not everyone has the luxury of being able to read, so how do these people manage?  Are they another whole group of people who never get to have their say because they can't read and therefore likely can't write or fill in the form to register to vote!

Now my brain has been spewing out words like the Eyfullakilla (?) Volcano, I'm off to see if I can find some live streaming of the Leaders Debate so that I can shout at the screen some more!!!  Please feel free to air your views in the comments!!!!


  1. In case you are interested - the leaders debate is repeated later tonight on BBC2 at 11.30.

  2. @PhotoPuddle I didn't know that....thanks for letting me know!

  3. Just for those do not know, there are actually more than 3 political threads in this country, to this end why are there only ever 3 on television.
    As an avid reader of political debate, some other parties do have good ideas to put this country back on track.
    Good to see you having quality time with chick.
    The organ grinder.

  4. I, too, have only about 5 TV channels. =)
    The young votes apathy is not a national phenomenon - we have it, too.

  5. @Organ Grinder. I don't know why they only have the top three on the TV? Maybe you can write a political guest post for me? xx

    @Nicole I'm not the only one then!!! I wonder why the apathy though???

  6. Did you know that it's illegal not to vote here in Australia? What happened to the freedom to vote? Surely that's your own choice? Anyone who tells me I have to do something inevitably finds me telling them to stuff it up thier xxxx.
    I'm glad I'm only a temporary resident here in Australia and no longer a resident in the UK so I don't have to watch the incredibly dull and boring political debates!
    Love Aunty Nelly

  7. @Nelly It surely is a right and I don't think anyone should be forced to vote! Do you have the right to vote in Oz or do you still get a vote in the UK or neither?

  8. Saw this on the BBC website today so obviously I'm not the only one who wasn't taught about hung parliaments!!!!!

  9. I always decide who to vote for on the way to the voting booth. There are so many small parties here - and 2-3 big parties - that it gets pretty confusing.

    Found you through SITS - Happy Saturday! I think it's cool that you work in recruitment, as I do, too (although I'm doing career counseling these days).

  10. @Debbie Here we tend to get stuck with a lot of publicity from the 2-3 parties and hear very little from the smaller ones! Thanks for stopping by!