Monday 5 April 2010

Easter Fun!!

Another Monday and I feel another picture post coming on after a lovely and surprisingly sunny weekend away!! You just know that Easter is my kind of holiday, what with being a chocoholic and all but do you know what my second favourite thing is?? Ice cream and a sign like this just makes my heart sing:

Mmmmmmm......this is me enjoying said ice cream (and some donuts)!!!! was the nicest thing I've tasted in ages!!!  Then the girls had an Easter Egg hunt on the beach and under the Pier:

They'd also done some posing for the camera in the style of The Jolly Fisherman:

Before going on the fair (I'm such a wuss that I couldn't even watch!!)

Then time for a nap before putting on our glad rags and having a boogie:

And then some Bingo:

Unfortunately we didn't win any cash prizes but what I did get was the time to chill out with my Little Chick and my best friend and a chance to relax.  Now we are home again and I'm in serious need of a detox and a night in my own bed.....When did I get so old???!

What did you all do over the Easter weekend?  Hope that you had a good one!


  1. Mmmm doughnuts!! :D
    How the hell did you manage to choose a Ice Cream? I would of been there forever looking at that many choices!!

  2. @Emma It did take a while...not helped by the fact that there were 5 shops in a row all with boards the same size but different choices!!!!

  3. ARRGGHH! I would of never decided!!

  4. Grandma Sharon5 April 2010 at 21:38

    Looks like you had a great time. Mine started out good - drove a bus full of people towards the bay area to watch an Easter Pageant. It was fabulous - like professional. Then John & his son took Bill & I to dinner. Sunday after church I started feeling poorly, but went to Dave's for BBQ. Only stayed a few hours as I had to come home & have been in bed with stomach flu ever since! missed work today.

  5. @Grandma Sharon....Sorry that you are feeling ill...hope you soon feel better. Glad that you managed to have some fun xxx

  6. Em, what a perfect weekend!! My Skeggie weekends usually involved tattoos and alcohol!!
    Love Auntie Nellyxx

  7. @Nelly It was awesome and the weather was really good to us! There were no Tattoos involved there may however have been some alcohol consumption alongside the dancing and Bingo....Me & Sa not the kids!!! xxx

  8. That looks like so much fun. Is now a good time to tell you I don't really care for ice cream?! That means more for people who do though! and? Bingo looks like fun!

  9. @ Domestically Challenged....That's ok that you don't like ice cream hun....we can bond over Vegas instead ;-)

  10. ice cream and donuts sound rather heavenly!