Wednesday 28 April 2010

Me and My Bright Ideas

After my post last week where I talked about Politics and the election, I decided that I needed to be more pro-active in my approach of deciding who to vote for! Randomly, I thought that it would be a good idea to e-mail Candidates from each Party to see if they would be interviewed for this blog so that we can all make an informed choice.  My Work Colleagues all think that I'm completely and utterly  insane but in the spirit of fairness and to canvas a wide range of opinions, I e-mailed the following:

Liberal Democrats
The Green Party
Monster Raving Loony Party

To say I've been surprised by the response from my local Politicians would be an understatement.  With the exception of two parties, all have been in touch to say they would try and meet with me!!!!!

Today I met the candidate for the Liberal Democrats and I have a meeting set up for tomorrow with the Conservatives!  The others I am in negotiation with to set up meetings and I shan't yet name and shame the two that haven't responded as I'm sure that they are inundated with a major amount of e-mails!

So the next few days around her are going to be Election Central but hopefully not in a boring manner!!! I aim to ask the questions that you would want to ask!!!  Please feel free to e-mail me or leave comments with any suggestions or even comment on if you think I'm completely insane or uninteresting!!!!


  1. I think this is awesome. I have no advice, you know, since I'm not there in England. ;)

  2. @Heather.......I can live with you thinking that I'm awesome. Thanks hun!! xxx

  3. WOW cool, good idea, will see with interest what you think of them all :)

  4. @Dear Diary.....Hopefully it will be interesting! Feel free to let me know any questions you might want to ask them!!

  5. I think you are insane, but, fantastic for entering into the world of politics.
    Remember that if their lips move and they are breathing, untruths are being spoken.

    One of the biggest things on everyones agenda in this country should be,why are we paying billions into the EU, when we could trade with the rest of Europe for free anyway. Billions not paid into Europe = more for our nurses, doctors and schools etc. Just a thought!

    The Organ Grinder

  6. @Organ Grinder.....I'm very happy that you think I'm fantastic ;-)