Friday, 23 April 2010

Something for the Weekend

So, my weekend is shaping up to look a little bit like this........I am hanging out here:

with one of my favourite people:

Tomorrow morning I will mainly be sitting on the dock, watching the river go by, reading my book and loving the silence.  

The evening will be a slightly different story but will still revolve around being lazy relaxing.  I will be ordering pizza online, probably one of these bad boys:

Then I shall be donning my gladrags and hanging out with several of these beautiful Ladies:

The plan for Sunday is to gently recover whilst watching Something for the Weekend (and lusting after Tim Lovejoy) and then take Chick to have a picnic here:

Absolute bliss, I think!!  What are your plans for the weekend???


  1. Oh how lovely!! I'm so homesick right now!
    However, I have just spent a lovely morning at the Eumundi markets ( and will be having afternoon tea with friends tomorrow followed by a motorbike ride somewhere random on Monday, so not really all that bad.
    Have fun with the girls and send them my love xxx
    Aunty Nelly xxxx

  2. Oh bless you! You really aren't missing anything exciting....but I can understand you being homesick. Being at the cabin has been like being on holiday and we don't want to go home :-( Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun too. Have a good one xx

  3. Looks absolutely wonderful! Someday I'll come for a visit!

  4. @Alice It is wonderful and you are more than welcome anytime xx

  5. I've not caved for pizza in a week. Seriously, my family and I eat it weekly! But that picture above ... I may give in. Dammit!

    Stopping by from SITS! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

  6. Wow looks like a good weekend, mine is mainly housework, gardening and stopping the kids from killing each other.

  7. @Ashley.....Sorry hope I don't make you cave in!! Thanks for stopping by :-)

    @DearDiary It's been pretty cool so far thanks! Hope you manage to enjoy some sun in between everything else!!!

  8. Looks like fun!!! Right now I am being extremely lazy, but glad I stumbled on your blog!

    Hope :) xx

  9. @Hope It was a lot of fun thank you!

  10. You're very welcome! I love finding new fun and friendly bloggers!

    Will be following you now xx

  11. Hope you did all that was planned for the weekend gorgeous, it looked great.
    The pizza looks stunning even at 7am when i am writing this.

    The Organ Grinder.

  12. @Organ Grinder The cabin was nice to get away for a night! Pizza was great as well xxx

  13. What an idyllic weekend! Hope you had fun x

  14. @muummmmeeeee It was awesome thank you!

  15. @overactiveovaries It was thanks.....will take you all there when you come visit me :-)