Monday 19 April 2010

Enough Already!!!

I know that I spend a lot of my blog space bitching and moaning but what else is it for, if not to stop me self combusting! I've written a couple of times previously about judgment. Of me, of Chick, of my parenting skills. Well now I've had more than enough and the next time somebody feels the need to judge any of the above in the Supermarket, I am likely to ram them in the ankles with my sodding trolley!!!!

I'm sure that you remember Chick had a really hard time adjusting to life back at School when we returned from Australia. Well it seems like it's been an almost constant struggle from January to Easter to get her to settle back down. It's taken a Team effort from me, her Dad and the Teacher to get her back on the straight and narrow again. I'm not sure what's triggered the change but last week she was a complete diamond at school and the Teacher stopped me twice to show me brilliant work that she'd done. I think you'll agree it's a bloody marvellous turnaround, yes?

So on Saturday I said that she could have a present as a reward for good behaviour (I find bribery and corruption works every time!!) Chick chose a High School Musical iPod type thingy which cost the grand total of £1.99. A bargain for good behaviour in my opinion!

On our way out on Saturday night we stopped at the supermarket to get some nibbles etc to take with us for our evening. Chick still had the iPod glued to her head as a 7 year old would with a new toy. Do you know what? Every single person in that store stared at Chick in disbelief that she had an iPod. Now I'm sure that it looked quite real to some people however(finally) I come to the problem......

a) Even it it was a real iPod, what the hell has it got to do with anybody else? I work extremely hard to provide for my child and if I can afford an iPod for her, good for me!

b) I don't care even if she's dressed like a Clown, staring at a 7 year old in a supermarket for whatever reason is a complete outrage!

c) It's a good job that I'm very polite otherwise several people may have been poked in the eye!!!!!

Yet again I'm now stepping down from my soap box. However if it was you judging me on Saturday, watch out that your ankles aren't hit by a trolley next time you are shopping ;-)


  1. Judgment seems to be a theme this week, eh pal?

    I'm proud of your impeccable manners. I'd have probably not been as nice.

    Of course, I'm not English either.... ;)

  2. Grr I feel your pain!

    I hate being judged by complete strangers. I was in our local supermarket on Saturday and the kiddo was whinging about being tired. Several old ladies told me I should have left him at home to have a nap! What, on his own?! Grr!

  3. @Heather It surely does hun! We'll just have to keep sending each other virtual hugs to get through ;-)

    @Jen Grrrr indeed! Why do people feel the need to say anything?? It drives me truly crazy!!!!

  4. You have every right to be pissed. I would be too. And I prolly would have told them how they need to mind their own business (in very colorful terms I assure you).

    And YAY Chick for making such great progress! That's awesome!

  5. Oh no. Don't mess with a mama and her cub! I can't stand it when the dude is making little toddler noises when we're out and he gets rude looks!

  6. Glass houses and stones come to mind! I find bribery works well in most situations as well.
    real hugs are needed me thinks.
    organ Grinder.

  7. @uthostage She is kinda awesome but obviously gets it from me!!!

    @Kristin Why are people so rude....Grr!!

  8. @Organ Grinder I know right, why do people have to judge??? I'll be coming to see you for real hugs later xx

  9. There is so much lameness in the world. Sometimes it is hard to really understand why it is happening.

    I couldn't agree with you more. No one has the right to sit and stare at a child. Freedom of self expression, y'all. Jump on board. :)

  10. @Mayhem and Moxie Thanks....that's what bothers me the most is the staring at her....she's only 7 for goodness sake!!!!

  11. Hey, i teach in school and TONS of students that age have ipods. My seven year old? Is getting his own iTouch. Our lives, our business is right!!

  12. @Domestically Challenged.....I'm glad you agree! Well done on hitting a PB during your half marathon at the weekend!!!

  13. I'm sorry to play devils advocate here but we all judge whether you like to think otherwise or not! After all, are you not judging those people for looking at Liv eventhough you had no idea what they were thinking?
    And I have to say I do hate seeing young kids with mobiles and ipods. Young kids should be blasting thier ears and brains with those things, let them do that when they are old enough to make an informed choice.
    So, yes I do judge but atleast I'm not a hypocrite about it and admit to it.
    Aunty Nelly

  14. @Auntie Nelly You are quite correct and I was of course judging those people that were staring at Chick. However, how would you feel if you were in Sainsbury's with her when she was being stared at.....I'm pretty damn sure you wouldn't have been polite to them. In this case I can live with being a hypocrite and being judgmental!

  15. You should move to America where most 7-year-olds have cell phones AND ipods