Monday 26 April 2010

A Lesson in Feelings

Today at Chick's school they had a special after school session for kids and Parents to talk about feelings. The idea behind it is to get kids to open up and talk about their feelings and to understand them a little bit more and for the parents to get involved in the kind of learning that goes on at school.

To be honest I wasn't expecting anything great to come of it and when I turned up at the classroom there were only 3 other parents there. As an aside this is something that really bothers me about Chick's school.....there are not that many working parents (the Mum's are too posh to have to work!!) but I'm the only one who consistently turns up to be involved in things. Always makes me wonder where everyone else is!?!

Anyway, we were given a set of cards with the following words on:






They were blank on the other side and we had to draw pictures explaining what these words mean to us and then discuss the pictures together. This is what makes me happy:

You didn't know I was an artist huh? ;-)

The funny thing about it, was some of the answers that Chick came up with. The Teacher asked her what she was scared of and she said some of the rides at an Amusement Park but she turned it into a positive with 'I'm scared but it makes me giggle! Does that count'? I'm glad that she doesn't have too much to be scared of!!!!

The Teacher then asked Chick what makes me sad and her answer? 'The X Factor'!!! I started laughing and the Teacher is all 'Why does that make Mum sad?'. Chick said 'I don't know but she always cries at it'!!!!! Erm.....busted!! Can't keep any secrets around here! This is Chick's sad picture:

It's a picture of JoJo. I'm not sure if you can read the writing but it says 'Not seeing Nana and JoJo very much'. Awwwww that kid is just so cute!

The biggest lesson for me was something that I guess I already knew but it's always good to be reminded of......The things that make Chick happy are all to do with other people. She didn't mention a single material thing at all. It makes me so full of joy that I made the decision to do less hours as she obviously needs me rather than a bedroom full of toys!!!

Have you learnt any valuable lessons today? Feel free to share as always!!


  1. Hello - I am your secret post club-er - glad you liked it :) :) makes me happy :)

  2. @April Thank you hunny. Didn't want to blog about it until I knew who you were, so will link to you later! Thanks again xxx

  3. oh how sad am I now : (
    Love Aunty Nelly (Jo-Jo)

  4. @Nelly.....Aw don't be sad!! Be happy that she loves you so much!!! xx

  5. What a fantastic idea by the school, maybe it could be used in the work place as well.
    I can hear chick saying those words now....she is so funny and clever.

    The organ grinder

  6. @The Organ Grinder.....I think it would go down a treat with your Monkeys :-) She is funny and clever and guess where she gets that from???? Moi obviously!!!

  7. @Kristin....Thanks hun xxx

  8. What a great idea by the school - I followed you here from Mom-101. I am English but have lived in the US now for six years so it is nice to hear the blogging voice of a fellow Brit!

  9. @Aging Mommy.....glad that you found me! Will be by to visit your blog :-)

  10. That is just lovely Emma - looks as though Chick has inherited your positiveness!

  11. @muummmmeeeeee.....Awww thanks!!! She also got my whining gene though!!!!

  12. I love the positive spin she put on it!

  13. @Chanel....She is pretty cool!!!