Wednesday 25 August 2010

Back to School

As a perpetually poor single parent any offers of help are usually welcomed, especially when my daughter is completely obsessed with buying stuff for the new school year!  I've tried to be sensible this time and buy a new item of uniform each time I've been shopping at Tesco. As we are there constantly I've bought quite a lot of it!!!

At the start of the Summer, the lovely people from Tesco sent me an e-mail asking if I would like to attend a clothing event with them but for whatever reason it fell through. So they sent their apologies and asked me if I would like a school uniform for Chick instead.  Well, hell yeah! We'd love some more as after all this means less stress for me trying to wash stuff constantly throughout the week.

Imagine Chick's joy yesterday when there was a huge bang on the door (side note - dear parcel can knock at a reasonable noise level and I'll still hear.  We live in a terrace house and not a mansion...I don't enjoy having near heart attacks just for a parcel....thanks!!) and there was a lovely Parcel Force chap with a huge gift wrapped black box that contained this:

I'm not sure what quirk of fate decided that Chick would love school and the associated stuff but I honestly don't know where she got it from....not that I'm really complaining!!  So, Chick is a very happy girl but what about me?  Well obviously anything that helps me out is great but what I also noticed about the uniform is that Tesco have developed a great new thing called 'dirt defence'.  Now I may have a 7 year old girl but she ruins shoes quicker than anyone I've ever known and she is also filthy every day after school.  You would never believe that I send her to school clean so any help I can get is fabulous!!! We'll see how it all washes up but I'm expecting to be VERY impressed!

We also got sent a voucher for Tesco clothing which I'm going to buy Chick a winter coat with and a couple of other bits.  The only things we have left to buy are her lunch box, water bottle and pencil case however she is still poring over the Tesco 'back to school' catalogue trying to decide which one she wants!!

Last but not least I also get to nominate another Mummy Blogger to receive a school uniform from Tesco.  I nominate Karen from All About the Boys as she has a very clever teenager (who got great GCSE results yesterday as he's so clever he took two early!!!) and also twin 5 year olds.  I figure she needs the help as much as I do!!!  
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