Thursday 26 August 2010

Man I'm Old!!

I don’t know when the transition happens but at some point between your late twenties and early thirties this bizarre thing happens when you start doing and saying stuff that you would never have questioned before!!!!!   I haven’t quite turned into my Mother yet but I do and say stuff now that I wouldn’t have even considered in my Twenties so I’ve put a little list together....

      Squishing bread in the supermarket to make sure it’s fresh and will last a couple of days!

          Saying ‘When I was young...............’ or ‘I remember when................’

-          As much as I love new experiences there actually is ‘no place like home’!!!  I used to be able to sleep on a clothes line!  Nowadays?  I want to be in my own bed and actually sigh with relief when I get back into it!!!!!

          I leave the house without make-up on.

          Saying ‘’ve grown!’

          Making sure people are eating enough and taking care of themselves

          Taking a jacket or something warm when you go out.....just in case!!!

         Saying ‘Did she forget to put a skirt on with that belt' about a youngster in a very short skirt.

          Using the word ‘youngster’!!!! ;-)

-          Asking ‘When were you born?’ Then saying......’ Sorry? When?  I have socks older than you! Run along!!!!’

         It takes 4 days to get over a drinking session!

          Guys that wear their Trousers hanging down their are not cool and I do not want to see your ass.....I’m probably old enough to be your Mother!!!!

Ok folks now it’s your turn!!  Which ones of these are you guilty of and what have I missed off the list????
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