Friday 6 August 2010

Dovedale Stepping Stones

* Major rant alert and some swearing!!!!

I was flicking through the Daily Mail yesterday (not my usual choice of poison) when an article jumped out and caught my eye.  It was about some health & safety officials who have paved over some stepping stones to make them safer.  Nothing outrageous in that you may think but actually I am outraged.  Why do these bloody people get such a say in everything that goes on in our lives.  Now I'm all for it where there is a real danger but let me explain.

The stepping stones in question are at a beautiful place called Dovedale in Derbyshire.  It's fabulous for walking and is normally very crowed with families all having a very lovely time.  We've been going there since we were kids and people have been rambling there for hundreds of years.  You have to wait in line (like good British people) and take it in turns to cross the stepping stones.  Your feet can sometimes get a bit wet but the kids love it and it's great deal of fun. These are the stones in question:

Quite picturesque and gorgeous I think you'll agree.

Now some jobsworth has decided that they are far too dangerous and has paved over them!!!!!!!!!!! Unfu**ingbelieveable!!!!  Not only have they paved over them but they done it with huge blocks of limestone!!! My gorgeous stones now look like this:

Return the Dovedale Stepping Stones to their former natural glory!

All I can say is that I hope someone falls off  of them and sues the Council for a shed load of money (I joke......kinda)!!!!  Rant now over so I'm off to join the Facebook group to return the stones to their former glory!!!!  Grrrrrrr!!!!!

So what do you think?  Are the health & safety clowns right to pave over them or should they return them to their former glory???
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