Thursday 12 August 2010

Learning to Cook!!!

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I’m not sure how many of you know this but my daughter loves to cook.  I think it’s a novelty thing because she has a Mum that cooks like erm, well, never really (apart from the odd batch of chocolate marshmallow sticks)!!!  I’d love to make beautiful food and invite people around for dinner but man that takes much effort and luckily my friends are the kind of people that will eat take-out pizza if I ply them with enough wine!!  Now I’m not quite at the Carrie Bradshaw stage of using the oven for storage (‘cos that’s what the dishwasher is for!!) but I avoid cooking wherever possible.

Well now, a couple of things have happened recently that make me think I need to support my daughter and her love for cooking by actually doing some!!  First off when I was at Bon Jovi (back in June) Chick stayed with my Sister-in-Law in London.  I’m not sure how derogatory Chick was about my cooking skills but I’m thinking she wasn’t altogether pleasant as she came home from her trip with a cook book (very subtle hint...thanks Mrs.B ;-)  Then when I was at CyberMummy I met chief Chef of Mummies who was completely awesome and felt somewhat ashamed in admitting that my 7 year old is a better cook than me!!!

In preparation for this new challenge I've had to compare home insurance quotes (just in case!!) and bought the most ridiculous basket of shopping ever that included things such as vanilla essence!!!!  I’ve promised Chick that we’ll try and make something new each weekend and she is so excited it’s ridiculous!! We started a couple of weeks ago with the simplest recipe in the book which was ‘Real Hot Chocolate’ and actually it turned out pretty well:

I’ll let you know how we fare when we start on the more complicated recipes!!!!

*This is a sponsored post
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