Monday 9 August 2010

I'm an Ologist.......a Toyologist!!!!

As most of you know I spend an awful lot of time online.  One day last week when I was messing about on Facebook working, the very glamourous and funny Emily wrote this as her FB status:

Emily Carlisle Mtjam

Emily Carlisle Mtjam is now an official Toyologist for Toys R Us and is looking forward to testing some toys! Who else has been recruited?

03 August at 16:17 ·  · 
Which I thought was the coolest thing ever!!!  So being quite cheeky and not averse to 'whoring myself' for toys, I tweeted the lovely people at Toys R Us to ask them if they would consider taking Chick and I on to help!  As we are the jammiest people in the World they told me that I was already on their list and that they did want me to become a Toyologist for them!!!!! VERY exciting.

So what is a Toyologist???  The lovely Geoffrey Giraffe (pictured below) sent us this press release from Toys R Us:

Toys R Us selected a number of Digital Mums from across the UK to drive their online social media activity. It’s a new programme called “Toys R Us Toyologists”. We’re a mixture of stay-at-home mums, working mums, full time lawyers and more, but all of us are mums who are active within the blogosphere and social media space.

We are being given toys to try out with our kids, to review, and have been asked to share our experiences, which hopefully you will enjoy reading about!

So basically because I spend so much time waffling online, I can now call myself a 'Digital Mum' and tell people that I'm part of the social media movement......awesome!!!  Sounds sooooo much more professional than surfing the net!!!   Toys R Us have set up a Facebook page that you can 'Like' that has loads of info on it and some cool competitions including a Toy Story 3 one worth over £1500.  Click on Geoffrey to take you to their page:

In two weeks time we get to go to a Toyologists Tea Party where we get to meet all the other Toyologists and their Families and also get our first toys to test! I'm not sure which one of us is most excited about this!!!  Obviously being the fabulous Mother I am, I'm using it for blackmail purposes to ensure that Chick is cleaning her bedroom and being on completely her best behaviour!!!!

Once we have the toys we get to throw toy parties with Chick's friends so that they can all test them out together and of course so that I have more to write about than Chick thinking they are all 'awesome'!  No idea where she gets the overuse of that word from ;-)  

We can't wait to get started and hope that you'll enjoy reading our reviews!!!
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