Tuesday 24 August 2010

Toyologists Day Out

As you all know by now, last Saturday we were invited to spend the day at Bucklebury Farm Park which is set in the middle of nowhere in the Berkshire countryside.  We were greeted by the lovely people from Toys R Us and met up with some delightful bloggers, old friends and new!

Immediately we were offered lots of cakes and cookies which is always a good sign!  We were fed so much during the day and everything was delightful but I was so overwhelmed that I didn't take pictures of any of it.  I obviously did get some though.!!!!!

The Farm was really cool but because I was too busy gossiping, we kind of missed most of the animals and the nature trails and I only discovered that they had an indoor section when I saw Urbanvox's pictures......whoops!  Chick had a fabulous time and wants to know if we can do it every week!!!!

This is Chick with Geoffrey Giraffe:

She absolutely loved the Go Karts and spent a lot of the day on them:

We also got to go on a Tractor ride to see the deer:

Unfortunately it bit Chick on the hand when she was trying to feed it and lots of tears ensued.  What could make her feel better??? A giant bouncy pillow with some new friends maybe:

Of course the only thing that could make her completely better would be opening the first lot of toys!!  WARNING - You may want to turn the sound down as it's quite loud and you probably don't want to watch if you get motion sickness because my quality is rubbish......on the plus side it can only get better ;-)
p.s. the first 10 seconds are also sideways!!!!

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