Monday 30 August 2010

Legoland Windsor

Last week Chick and I took a road trip with my lovely friend Heather to Legoland.  Chick has wanted to go for ages but I kept putting her off because it's just so pricey!  However we were lucky enough to be paid in vouchers for a review job that I did and miraculously with those and some 2 for 1 vouchers from Tesco we could afford to go!!! Yay.....much excitement......until we saw the weather forecast which was mainly rain!  Obviously being hardy British souls we ignored the forecast and went anyway!!  Some pictures:

Chick managed to pass her 'driving test' and got her license!!  God knows how as she ran a red light, drove in the right hand lane and went the wrong way around a roundabout and had two crashes.......I know my driving is bad but seriously!!!!

This is me absolutely petrified enjoying the balloon ride!!

Hev & Chick posing as Woody & Buzz....sooooo funny!!

Don't say I never share with you my lovely blog readers....this is a picture of my very wet arse!!!  The worst thing?  I was the only person that got absolutely drenched!!  Chick & Hev barely had a droplet on them!!!

Obviously being Legoland I have to show you some lego too!!! This is Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Fountain made out of lego....doesn't it look amazing???

The Easter Island faces also made out of lego:

See how much the weather has improved on the last couple of pictures too! As you can see we had an awesome time and would go back again in a second if we could afford it!  

If you ever fancy visiting I have a few tips to help you on your way:

Get there at 9.15am and queue for 15 minutes until the park opens.  Target the things that you want to ride the most and head there first.  We did this and got to ride pretty much everything that Chick had set her heart on.  Also we got more done and rode more rides between 9.30am - 11.00am than we did the rest of the day.

Bring your own picnic.  Food and drinks are REALLY expensive and not necessarily what the kids want to eat. Spend the money on a Q Bot instead to reduce the time you wait in line!

If it's a nice day bring swimsuits etc for the kids are there is a small water park for them to play in which looks like massive amounts of fun!

The staff are really strict about the height requirement but lots and lots of people in every line seemed to ignore this and try and get on anyway....thus holding up the line!!!  If your kid is too short they are not getting on......rocket science huh?!?

The downside:

It is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy busy and you need a massive amount of patience, especially if you aren't a pushchair holder, but keep getting rammed in the legs or tripped over by little kids!!!

You can rent a Q Bot which gives you a time to ride and lets you queue jump! However they cost from £15 upwards which would be fine if you hadn't paid £40 each for entry! It's also massively annoying when you've been waiting in line for an hour and all the smug, rich bar stewards with Q Bots keep jumping in front of you!!!!

The whole thing seems like a money making machine and they don't miss an opportunity to try and part you from your hard earned cash.....even the car park is extra!!!  Ridiculously it's also the most expensive place in the UK to buy Lego from.....go figure???

To sum up: Would we go back again?  In a heartbeat.....but only when my bank balance has recovered from this visit ;-) Ouch!!!
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